We take responsibility

The planet and our resources are very dear to our hearts. We work hard to avoid waste at every stage, from planning to installation. We look very carefully at how raw materials are procured, and use accurate 3D planning and hollow sections to reduce the quantity of materials we need. Using these techniques, we have optimised our planning and production systems to minimise waste and conserve resources. As well as the immediate resource savings, the lighter products also save on transport resources and – last but by no means least – they also save the health of our team, as the weights they have to lift during installation are considerably reduced.
We use laser tubes to optimise our weld seams, and have also optimised our work scheduling systems, all production processes and route planning. One of the outcomes of this optimisation process is that just one vehicle supplies the construction site, rather than several. Speaking of vehicles: we are constantly upgrading our fleet and thereby steadily reducing its carbon emissions. Finally, we are working towards making all our processes entirely paperless.