Our high-quality railings and balustrades are born of innovation, competence, mindfulness and experience. We combine high-tech 3D production techniques and the latest CNC production machines with skilled manual work by highly trained craftsmen. Sustainability has long been an important value for us and our products are designed with their environmental footprint in mind. Our lightweight MLB section railings and bannisters are a perfect example.

We specialise in major projects as a competent partner for architects and general contractors. Nonetheless, every product is individual, with its own carefully chosen shapes, colours and aesthetics. It goes without saying that all our metal products are designed to comply with Swiss building standards.


Our banisters are unique, just like your building. We can develop something to suit every situation, be it a simple straight line, continuous stairwell, or a curved banister.For us, banisters are about more than just protection: they’re a design element. We offer a wide choice of materials – metals and stainless steel, glass, and all kinds of combinations in between.

Balcony rails

Our balcony rails blend seamlessly with your building design, while at the same time lending a touch of individuality to every property. Balcony rails are about more than just stopping people falling: they frequently have a role as wind shelter and to provide some privacy – glass or sheet metal are ideal fillers for balconies where the occupants want to relax away from curious eyes. As for the choice of colours and designs – let your imagination fly; there are virtually unlimited possibilities.

Freestanding balconies

Balconies are a particularly popular feature on multi-storey residential buildings, increasing the value of both rental properties and home purchases. Our bespoke balconies can be put together from our full range of designs and materials: find the perfect combination!

Standards and safety regulations

Balustrades, guardrails and handrails have an important function for buildings: they help prevent falls. Children and old people are particularly at risk. Designers of public buildings must also design for people with restricted mobility, and furthermore include overcrowding and panic situations in their planning.

The Swiss federal government, the various cantons and local municipalities specify standards and guidelines to ensure that building balustrades and guardrails are as safe as possible. These are supplemented by technical standards – the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) publishes one that is commonly used; the Swiss Association of Road and Traffic Professionals (VSS) another. Here at Müssig, we are familiar with all the applicable building measures and can help you avoid accidents.

You can find the key information about standards, guidelines and recommendation on the BFU website. Also take a look at our short explainer [German] on our YouTube channel.

Planning advice

Check out our information, tips and planning advice for balconies and balustrades. 



Respect for our habitat and future generations are part of our core values. We think it’s important to help contribute to a liveable future. That’s why we optimise our material use when planning and making our balustrades, and emphasise efficient production processes and a healthy, motivating working environment.


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