Balcony rails

With our balcony rails, the sky’s the limit! Every model underlines the unique architecture of the particular building.

We work side-by-side with the architect and general contractor right from the planning stage. This means that we can fine-tune all your balustrades to match the project perfectly. Is your design timeless and traditional, a modernistic extravaganza – or something in between? We can rise to any requirements with our diverse range of balusters and materials (metal, stainless steel, glass and many more). The result is a harmonious finishing touch for the buildings behind the balustrades – which, of course, meets all the property developer’s requirements.

Go to our Portfolio to look at a selection of balcony rail projects that we have been privileged to complete for our customers.


  • Steel is excellent value, highly resistant, versatile and easy to work with. Galvanised steel balustrades are low maintenance with a long service life.

  • Aluminium is more cost-intensive than steel; on the other hand, it never rusts. It can be punched or lasered and coloured with various shades. This makes it particularly suitable for filling or cladding.

  • Glass is also a good material for solid balustrade and can be installed with supports or freestanding. Transparent or colored glasses are available.

  • Wood is typically used in combination with other materials as a handrail or for filling.

More information

We have put together a series of videos [German] for you on our YouTube channel. For example, you might be interested in our video explaining key planning information for Juliet balconies, or find one of our short installation videos helpful: learn about installing terrace balustrades, attaching screens to balconies, and many other fascinating topics.

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