Freestanding balconies

Balconies are a particularly popular feature on multi-storey residential buildings, increasing the value of both rental properties and home purchases. Our bespoke balconies can be put together from our full range of designs and materials: find the perfect combination!

Our balcony system is just perfect if you’re renovating or converting a building. The modular system can be used as a comprehensive stand-alone programme to create a balcony to match your requirements.

Our balcony system, with its numerous versatile design variants, can easily be incorporated smoothly during the project planning stage, without compromising the indivuality of the architecture. It is just as easy to integrate the new balcony into an existing building. The system is technically mature and can be configured for custom requirements.

Take a look at our “Freestanding balcony system B600” explainer video [German] to get an idea of how this kind of balcony system is put together using internal and external plug-in elements.

You can find a number of other interesting short videos [German] on our YouTube channel, where we’ve put together a range of clips about balconies and balustrades.

Did you know?

  • A balcony is an open area entered from an upper floor level, protruding beyond the building floor, either in the form of a self-supporting slab or supported by brackets or struts attached to the wall.

  • The balcony may also be built onto a house wall and supported by a wall, pillars or columns. These are known as stacked or pillared balconies.

  • An outdoor area within the building structure is a loggia.

  • A covered, walled area protruding beyond the building structure is an oriel window.

  • Juliet French balconies are floor-to-ceiling windows with balustrades, which owe their popularity to cities such as Paris and Marseille. The balustrade is not just there for safety, it has an important role as a decorative element of the building facade.

  • An open or partly open area at ground floor level is known as a terrace if uncovered and a veranda if covered.

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