Moritz Wilhelm Müssig

Moritz Müssig joined the Board of Management in 2003, having completed his studies as an industrial engineer at the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences. He brought with him fresh, innovative ideas and an enthusiasm for ultra-modern technology that would revitalise the company. At the same time, he carried the company traditions with him to the next generation: continuous growth, success, sustainability and social responsibility. In 2008, Moritz Müssig became the sole Managing Director.

Eberhard Wilhelm Müssig

Eberhard Müssig studied steel construction at Munich University of Applied Sciences. In 1972, after completing his studies, he joined the Müssig Board of Management. Eberhard was highly enthusiastic about advancing the batch production scheme and brought it up to date with the latest technology. Large numbers of system components were developed to form the building blocks of a modular system which can be used to assemble enormously varied staircases and balustrades. In 1981, Eberhard Müssig founded Müssig AG Switzerland in Amriswil. Over the years, this site has been steadily expanded, modernised and equipped with state-of-the-art production plants.

Wilhelm Karl Friedrich Müssig

Following his father’s untimely death in 1932, Wilhelm Karl Friedrich Müssig became head of the company. The main business at this date was sophisticated metalwork commissioned by famous architects. However, during the post-war years the demand for new living space grew steadily, and, with it, the need for railings and balconies rose. These were always produced manually in those days – and Wilhelm Karl saw this as a gap in the market: he developed a balustrade system that could be manufactured industrially. This system, which has been steadily improved and developed over the years, represents the essential foundation of Müssig’s success. Licences for the system were issued both domestically and abroad.

Wilhelm Gustav Müssig

Wilhelm Josef’s son Wilhelm Gustav Müssig took over the family business. In addition to the core business of architectural metalwork, the company at this time was producing trolleys, machine guards, construction lamps, snowploughs and tongs.

Wilhelm Josef Müssig

Wilhelm Josef Müssig founded the Wilhelm Müssig metalworking company in Stuttgart in 1873. The main business was metalwork and ironmongery for parts manufacture.